Monday, August 1, 2011

Castelli announces more improvements local cellular communications ...

L-R: Lewisboro Town Supervisor Charles Duffy, Town Councilman Peter DeLucia, and Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli are interviewed by LCTV at the recent South Salem Fireman?s Parade. Castelli, who today announced that AT&T has completed wireless communications upgrades in South Salem, has fought to bring cellular service to his hometown of Lewisboro since he served as a town councilman in 2001. In 2010, Castelli wrote & passed a bill which allowed the town to lease certain land to Verizon for another wireless communications facility.

Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli (R, C ? Goldens Bridge) today announced that AT&T has completed updates that will enhance the wireless capabilities and performance of mobile broadband networks in Westchester County. Assemblyman Castelli noted that improving cell service will increase first response calls, enhance public safety and help attract small-businesses and jobs to the area.

In 2010, the first bill Assemblyman Castelli authored and passed in the State Legislature authorized the town of Lewisboro to erect a wireless communications facility. This legislation increased the communication capability of emergency services, police, fire and EMS, and was one of several steps to enhance both quality of life and business communications in Lewisboro and the surrounding area.

?Reliable cell phone service has become a necessity in today?s society, whether using a mobile device to call for help or taking advantage of broadband networks to help expand your business, enhanced cell service improves the quality of life for Westchester residents,? Castelli said. ?Having long been a proponent of enhanced communications for not only emergency services but also quality of life and business purposes, I applaud AT&T and see this as a necessary step in improving our community services, our lives and our businesses in communities like Lewisboro.?

Assemblyman Castelli noted these latest enhancements add five new 3G mobile broadband cell sites to the network. The new sites are located in Bronxville, South Salem, Newburgh, Middletown and Narrowsburg. These upgrades will help meet the region?s growing demand for mobile broadband and cellular service.

?Smart-phone technology and mobile broadband access is vital to assist businesses in building innovative and modern infrastructure that fosters jobs growth and enhances revenue,? said Lewisboro Town Supervisor Charles Duffy. ?This technology is also helping to make our communities safer by giving residents more reliable access to emergency services, and I would again like to thank Assemblyman Castelli for all his efforts on our behalf to enhance our communication network for residents and emergency responders, as well as opening the door to more enhanced cell service.?

The other tower, which will be constructed under Castelli?s legislation, adheres to smart growth principles, while providing much-needed revenue to the town. Both Castelli and Duffy have emphasized pursuing revenue sources other than raising taxes on the residents of the highest taxed County in the nation.


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