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Inground Vs. Above Ground Swimming Pools- What's The Difference ...


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Nowadays, there are a lot of types, designs, and styles of swimming pools that a person can choose from. These swimming pools range from plastic, Jacuzzi, inground, or above ground. The most common, probably, are the inground and the above ground swimming pools.

Swimming pools were said to have started in Ancient Pakistan. Back then, people called these pools baths. Those pools were covered with bricks and sealed with tar sealant, to avoid any leakage. The great bath, the first of the baths was twelve meters by seven meters in area. Swimming pools gained popularity when the Greeks and Romans used it for water sport training and recreation. Pools also doubled as fish ponds. When a Roman emperor suggested a heated swimming pool, more and more aristocrats wanted to build a heated swimming pool in their estate. It was not until the 19th century, when the British established various swimming clubs, that the swimming pool became largely popular among the masses. Since then, many have adapted swimming pools in their homes and villages.

There have always been talks about the difference between the inground and the above ground swimming pools. When a person is debating about what kind of pool he should install in his property, there are a lot of things he should consider.

First, the owner should think about the amount of space he has available for the pool. The inground pool takes more space than the above ground pool. While inground pools are permanent, once the owner gets tired of having an above ground swimming pool he can just uninstall it any time. Above ground pools are more cost-effective and budget friendly compared to the inground pool. Not only that, but some states also have laws and taxes regarding inground pools. Since the taxes are big, most families prefer the above ground pool because there are no necessary taxes that go with it.

The people who will use the pool and activities that will be done there are very important things to consider when a person is deciding the pool that he should install. Although the above ground pool is very convenient, they may not be good for swim training and other water sports. On the other hand, the inground pool need heaters because they can get cold at night, while the above ground pool does not need their water to be heated, and the need for a heater will depend on the location of the pool and how it is installed.

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