Thursday, November 8, 2012

[PICS] Barack Obama Election Night Pics ? Photos Of Victory Party ...

Barack Obama Election Night Pics

All around the country, millions were thrilled to see the president voted in for another term. Click to see some of the most dynamic pics from when Barack announced his victory!

Following an intense race against Mitt Romney,?President Barack Obama will lead the United States for another four years. After all of the fighting and campaigning, it was great to see Barack and his family celebrating another term!

Barack, 51, lead the nation in commemorating his victory during a late-night November 7 speech. His wife, Michelle, and daughters, Malia and Sasha, looked thrilled to leave the election cycle behind and support him.

Barack spoke about the power of voters during his compelling speech.

?Tonight, in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come. I want to thank every American who participated in this election. Whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time. By the way, we have to fix that.?

Were you thrilled to see Barack win the election, HollywoodLifers?

? William Earl

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