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Posted By Team Best Life on November 13, 2012

Baby, it?s cold outside?and dark, too. It happens every fall: One week you can squeeze in an outdoor workout right after work and the next, you can?t even make it out of your office before the sun has set. Many people choose to take their workouts inside during this time of year, but you can still have a safe and effective outdoor sweat session as long as you take the proper precautions. Use the tips below to stay warm and safe during the cold months ahead.

Be smart. Steer clear of the busiest, most dangerous roadways. These places are risky in broad daylight and the best weather?this danger is only magnified in the dark and the often slippery conditions of fall and winter.

Dress warmly. Make sure you?re dressed properly for the cold. Layers of warm, moisture-wicking clothes, a water-resistant jacket and a hat will help keep you comfortable.

Stand out. Even if you?re in a well-lit area where you can clearly see where you?re going, it?s important that others see you. Reflective clothing, including pants, jackets, vests, gloves and hats, will ensure that you shine like a beacon when the beam from a headlight or streetlight hits you.

Hit the lights. Take your visibility up a notch by using a safety light. Look for LED lights, which can either provide a steady light, like a car tail light, or strobe in different patterns. Some are designed to clip to your clothing while others are specifically made to attach to a bicycle.

Find your way. If you?re working out in an area that?s not well lit, you may want to consider buying some form of headlight. You can opt for a headlamp that resembles a miner?s helmet or a lamp that attaches to your handlebars. Headlamps are great because they leave your hands free to adjust the light as necessary. For example, if a car is approaching, you can flash the light toward the driver (not directly at the driver?s eyes). If you?re biking, headlights are a great option.

Get a grip. You can go for a walk or jog in almost any weather, but when there?s ice around, you have to be especially careful. If you hit an ice patch, don?t turn quickly, don?t try to stop short and don?t gun the engine. Maintain a slow, steady pace until you?re safely across. You?ll probably want to avoid inclines or uneven surfaces in slippery conditions. And consider wearing shoes with a great tread, like those that are designed for trail running. If you?re a cyclist, it?s best to avoid going out unless the roads are clear and dry.

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