Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yeah, it's a party, alright! - After Blast Warrior Wife

I spent the afternoon with the warrior mom of the other unit-wounded soldier here. We had a yummy organic breakfast then went on to Fresh Market. On the car ride over, the subject matter of all the events we have here came up. There are a lot of events- from landmark trips, free Friday night dinners, luncheons, massages, hunting, kayaking, skiing, and so on. There are near-daily giveaways of various goodies, and every so often a celebrity comes up. Facebook active folks tend to post a lot about the good stuff, and maybe not so much about the bad stuff. If someone is narrow-minded and ignorant, one might think this is a party here and we're not focusing on recovery enough.?I wish I were joking, but it's heat I think every wounded family here has experienced from (not so) well-meaning friends and family back home.

Oh yeah, it's a party. Let me tell you.

There are everyday challenges and set-backs but none of it is Facebook worthy. It's really hard to comprehend how anyone outside of this situation could judge anyone inside of it, but hey-?it's been done before?(but I quit talking about it).?When faced with something like this, something that doesn't really ever get better except for learning how to live it, every chance to forget is an honest blessing. It's worth talking about and sharing, and if someone can control themselves enough to only share the good stuff, then good on them. That person has more control than I do.

There is one teeny, tiny little phrase which could change this world, and I wish more people thought about it. I wish people weren't so angry with themselves that judging other people wasn't such a priority. So anytime you find yourself thinking you could do it better, that your grief or action or support would be more articulate, or thoughtful, or not as drug out, just remember...

There but for the grace of God go I.?


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