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If you feel uncomfortable about the stretch marks, scars and excess skin located around the region of your stomach, then a tummy tuck may be a viable option once you have exhausted all other routes. To help you find a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon, this latest article looks at how you can identify what you should look out for when choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is commonplace, but while the risks may be significantly reduced they are still very much a concern, which is why it?s vital that the surgeon you select to perform the surgical procedure is a fully qualified, skilled and experience medical professional.


When looking for a plastic surgeon, it is of paramount importance that you seek those who hold the appropriate accreditations, with BAAPS and BAPRAS being the most prominent accreditations within this industry. By seeking the services of a professional plastic surgeon that holds these accreditations, you are safeguarding your health and your safety.

The General Medical Council (GMC) Register

While being BAAPS and BAPRAS approved goes some way to showcase the skill of a plastic surgeon, there is another way for you verify the authenticity and experience that your chosen cosmetic surgeon possesses, and this is via the GMC register. This is an online register which is open to the public, and all cosmetic surgeons listed have been thoroughly checked and hold at least 2 years worth of experience in their relevant area of expertise in the NHS.

One place that hosts a wide selection of cosmetic surgeons who adhere to the above, is at Safer Cosmetic Surgery. To find a surgeon to perform a tummy tuck, make sure you visit their website today.

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