Monday, October 1, 2012

GuGu E. Michaels: This Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker Is An - E4 PR

GuGu E. Michaels holding his 2 awards at the recently concluded NAFCA Awards in North Carolina

Filmmakers in the Diaspora, with certitude have taken the movie industry by storm (especially back home) with their quality productions. They have continued to raise the movie bar, making the country proud. GuGu E. Michaels has incontrovertibly carved a niche for himself in the art of make believe, while his contemporaries continue to battle against the ?charlatan waves? that drags them repeatedly into the murky waters of shamy productions.

He has done well for himself. He is a respected, accomplished, ingenuity laden filmmaker whose brilliant works speak for him, ranging from his directing dexterity in the production of outstanding commercials and independent projects including feature films such as ?Thugz?, ?Dangerous County?, Urban Killaz?, ?Repentance?, ?Best Served Cold?, ?Pastor?s Wife?, Dangerous Men?, ?Unge?s War? and ?Jacob?s Eye?. He has been involved in campaigns for retailers like Cadillac, Porche and his career span, documents his serving as President of Dallas based Indie record label Redrumm Recordz and working with hip hop giants UGK, LUDACRIS, STEVE AUSTIN amongst others?Whao!

He is the founder of Gu International Pictures, a company known for delivering top notch productions without compromise. GuGu E. Michaels has been making North American movies since 1997 and in 2009 he decided to venture into African cinema where in less than five years, he?s already been referred to as ?The One unveiling the new era in African cinema?.

GuGu E. Michaels

He has various awards in his kitty which indubitably makes him stand out from his multitudinous peers. He won Best Editor and cinematography at the Black Film Festival in 2005, Best African Film for his action movie ?Dangerous Men? at World Music Indie Film Festival 2012, Best Indigenous /Native Film & Best Costume in a motion picture for the epic film ?Unge?s War? at NACFA Awards 2012.

His latest movie Jacob?s Eye (coming soon) will indeed turbo charge African cinema with its unique, supernatural action based genre, embedded in suspense, twisty scenes that stimulates your intellect, palpitating moments that will keep you on the edge of your seats with your eyes riveted on the screen big time!. It?s a fine blend of rich cinematography with a diverse cast. His epic movie ?Unge?s War? as aforementioned earned him dual awards at the 2012 NAFCA awards and will soon be released as well. He is indeed a great man.

Visit the site below to watch the wonderful works of this talented, intellectually resourceful man who imbibed the ?thinking outside of the box culture? which has earned him accolades, in an environment where only those who know their onions can soar higher?

I just stumbled across this latest video, also directed by GuGu. Gosh, for the ace called GuGu E. Michaels...his talents are unending! Check this out!!!?



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